350LM USB Charging Waterproof Snap-on Bicycle Headlight with Speaker & Stopwatch Function (Red)

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  • 1. T6 high-lighting bead, anti-glare design, comprehensively improve the brightness of the light, long range, longer life, low power.
    2. Four lighting modes for different road conditions.
    3. 120 high-decibel speakers, the sound is comparable to the car whistle, the warning is higher, greatly improving the safety of night riding and rain riding.
    4. Six sound modes, one button to switch.
    5. Head sensor code table, smart power display, large screen, anti-glare design, can be connected to cable code table, observe speed / time / speed / full / one way.
    6. Large-capacity built-in lithium battery, USB direct charging interface, long-lasting battery life, can be connected to computers, charging treasures, mobile phones, chargers, etc.
    7. Slide rubber base, easy to disassemble and easy to install, suitable for most handlebars.
    8. Rainstorm level in life is waterproof and can be used normally in heavy rain.

    Do not directly illuminate the human eyes, which may cause temporary blindness.

    Product specifications:
    1. Wick: T6 glare wick.
    2. Weight: 100g (with battery).
    3. Brightness: 350LM.
    4. Material & Process: ABS, lightweight.
    5. Gear position: strong, weak, fast flash, floodlight.
    6. Charging mode: smart USB charging.
    7. Life: 3-5 hours.
    8. Use battery: built-in large capacity lithium battery.

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