Bike Mount & Waterproof Touch Case for Galaxy Note / i9220 / N7000, Note II / N7100 , Note III / N9000(Black)

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  • 1) Bicycle / Cycle handlebar mount and all weather, waterproof hard shell Touch Case.

    2) All weather protection for your Samsung Galaxy Note / i9220 , N7100 . The Tough Case incorporates a strong durable weatherproof case for the Apple Samsung Galaxy Note / i9220 , N7100 .

    3) Designed to IPX4, this all weather case will keep your Samsung Galaxy Note / i9220 / N7000 secure and dry in most riding conditions. This solid, robust case has been designed to withstand daily use and will protect against wet / damp weather.

    4) Your Samsung Galaxy Note / i9220 , N7100 is accessed through the front, touch sensitive lens while remaining protected within the Tough Case.

    5) This lens has been made for today’s technology. The view remains clear and the sensitivity remains very responsive.

    6) The Tough Case is supplied with a STANDARD hinged bike handle bar mount suitable for handlebars with a diameter between 21mm - 30mm.

    Simple one screw fixing makes fitting quick and easy.

    7) The handlebar casing is lined to protect bars and reduce vibration. This casing is in two parts and is removable if required.

    8) Press button release means the case to be completely removed from the handlebar mount at the touch of a button, a great security feature.

    8) Fully adjustable - The touch case can be turned 360 degrees allowing you to view your Samsung Galaxy Note / i9220, N7100 horizontally or vertically, ideal for satnav & map applications The mount can also be tilted for video use while riding.

    9) No tools required to fit.

    10) Waterproof IPX4 Tested - suitable for general use in most weather conditions.

    The Touch Case performed well in wet weather conditions providing reliable protection against rain, snow & damp air.

    11) Material: ABS +PU +EVA

    NOTE: Do not submerge case or use underwater.
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    Carton Size 60cm * 40cm * 30cm / 23.62inch * 15.75inch * 11.81inch
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