CREE T6 LED 900 Lumens Super Bright Bike Lights / Mountain Bike Lights / Highway Lights(Silver)

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  • Features:

    1) constant pressure current, from beginning to end all the same high brightness, no electricity from will put off, not like step-down circuit will gradually dark down as.

    2) 44 00mah add protection board li-ion battery never pass filling, capacity, high

    3) 3000ibs long, the highest light gear test ChangLiang for 4 hours.

    4) compact utility, won't take up too much space, and can handlebar as the head lamp use. With daily mountaineering, automobile audio, are very good

    5) And three gears design: high/low/suddenly and violently shem, highlighting the navigation time 900 lumens 4 hours, low light 300 lumens 8 hours.

    6) Power: the 4th quarter 18650 battery pack, 2 string and design, capacity 4400mAh, provide powerful power backing, highlighted 900 lumens, can hold navigation 4 hours.

    7) Charger: large current charger, temperature protection, overcharge protection and short circuit protection, intelligent quick charger can finish the work in 3.5 hours, filled out electricity automatically stop charging and indicator light green, parameters are:

    Input: 100 ~ 240v AC 50/60Hz; Output: 8.5 V DC / 1.8 A,

    8) Circuit: constant voltage circuit, IC 3 files dimmer

    9) Connections are using 3.5 mm diameter, very durable, cohesion interface is very stable.

    10) After 8, according to switch: 3 open 1 shut, order is: highlights - "low light -" twinkle - "close (open always at the highest brightness file open)

    11) Connected to the power source is bright green, facilitate night identify switch position;

    12) The aluminum orange light cup, glass lenses, diameter 37mm. By the formation of the flare, 90 degrees illuminate Angle, used to ride. Perfect match!

    13) Waterproof: IP - 65, completely worry-free. Rain ride

    14) Apply to all bicycle, two specifications provided strong quality plastic laps, include all handlebar diameter. Very simple to use.
    One Package Weight 0.48kgs / 1.06lb
    Qty per Carton 20lb
    Carton Weight 13.8kgs / 30.42lb
    Carton Size 50cm * 35cm * 35cm / 19.69inch * 13.78inch * 13.78inch
    Loading Container 20GP: 435 cartons * 20 pcs = 8700 pcs
    40HQ: 1010 cartons * 20 pcs = 20200 pcs