OQSPORT 12 PCS Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflector Reflective Mount Clip Tube Warning Light Strip(Orange)

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  • 1. Brand new and high quality.
    2. Can be used on the motorcycle wheel, bike wheel and so on places, offer a safety and funny beautiful DIY wheel show.
    3. Bright reflective series product, colorful light bicycle spokes. The distant direct light back to the light refraction principle according to the Light, day or night reverse have good Optical effects of radiation, Itself has the color, and in the night under the condition of light scattering, in effect, reflecting the body color of light, so that the vehicle can easily find existence of the rider, reflecting good warning action. This product has 6 different colors ,the safety warning also show colorful cycling life, it is a very good decorative ornaments and night protective equipment.
    4. Uses: To be used in the bicycle spokes, give a strong reflection under the light irradiation by the the electric torch or car at night. Play a security role.
    5. No batteries, can be used for a long time, sun and rain are available.
    6. Note: This is reflective strips (not light bar, couldn't light itself), will be reflective in the light irradiation and give a security warning! Couldn't luminous if you ride in the dark without light!
    7. Material: Abs tube + reflective coating film.
    8. Inner diameter: 1.8-2.5mm.
    9. Length: 75mm.
    10. Outer diameter: 5mm.

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    Carton Size 37cm * 26cm * 30cm / 14.57inch * 10.24inch * 11.81inch
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