SUNDING SD-570 Bicycle Speedometer Cycling Computer LCD Digital Display Waterproof Odometer Speedometer Stopwatch

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  • 1. Multifunctional with Auto-sleep and Wake-up: Bike computer records with average speed, maximum speed, current speed mph/kph, riding time, odometer, clock, distance, scan, maintenance alert.
    2. Curved square shape body, quick-respond press buttons, exact modes display, you have all cycling data easily by this cycling computer.
    3. The inner motion sensor will wake up the computer automatically when you start cycling; with no operation for minutes, it will enter sleep mode to save battery power.
    4. Green backlight available and easy installation: Press any buttons in night time 18:00-6:00, green back light will keep for 6 seconds automatically, making data clearly read at night.
    5. Accurater distance speed tracking and clear large display: As the wonderful pure sign showed, it has stable wireless transmission that ensures accurate data of your cycling, keep the distance between the computer and the sensor less than 60cm to make them fully communicate.
    6. Large LCD display and numbers shows clearly and easy to read data, more safe and convenient while cycling.
    7. Waterproof and wide suitable: With rubber ring and full-sealed body, this bicycle speedometer is waterproof and works great on rainy days as usual when riding.
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